In today’s fashion landscape, men’s mustaches are not just about facial hair; they are a declaration of style and personality. From the debonair to the rugged, each mustache carries its own identity and aesthetic appeal. In this article, we delve into the best men’s mustache styles, showcasing how a simple change in facial hair can transform a man’s look. Each photograph represents a unique style and narrative, providing inspiration for those looking to redefine their facial hair game.

The Classic Chevron

The first style we explore is the classic Chevron mustache, sported by a man with deep, expressive eyes and a confident demeanor. His mustache, thick and neatly trimmed, covers the width of his upper lip, creating a bold yet refined look. This style is particularly suited for men with strong facial features, as it enhances the jawline and cheekbones. The Chevron is timeless and works exceptionally well for both casual and formal settings, making it a versatile choice for styles.

Silver Streak Sophistication

Next, we highlight a striking contrast in the world of mustaches with a silver-haired gentleman sporting a slicked-back hairstyle paired with a sculpted mustache. His mustache features a touch of modernity with its sharply defined edges and a subtle handlebar curve, embodying the fusion of classic and contemporary styles. This look is perfect for style white men who embrace their graying hair, showcasing that age can indeed enhance a man’s style quotient.

The Goatee Combo

Here, we have a vibrant example of the Goatee combo, which is a fantastic choice for men with rounder face shapes. This style incorporates a full mustache seamlessly connected to a beard, offering a suave yet approachable look. The bushy texture and natural curl of his mustache and beard set a relaxed, almost bohemian vibe, perfect for creative professionals or those who prefer a laid-back, artistic style.

Rugged and Ready

Our final style is embodied by a man with a robust beard and a full, well-groomed mustache that commands attention. This look is about making a statement and suits men with a penchant for the bold and the brave. The mustache, paired with a clean haircut, brings a balanced ruggedness, ideal for those who favor a more masculine, outdoorsy aesthetic. It’s a style that speaks to adventurers and those with a rugged spirit.


The Modern Classic

In this image, we see a fusion of vintage and modern aesthetics, embodied by a man with a meticulously groomed beard and mustache. The mustache is thick and full, extending into a soft beard that frames the jawline, showing off a perfect balance of control and natural flow. His hairstyle, a slick back with volume, complements the facial hair, creating a look that’s both current and classic. This style is ideal for men with strong features, as it accentuates the face without overpowering it.


The Casual Twist

The casual twist mustache seen here is perfect for men who prefer a more laid-back approach to their style. The subject sports a natural, slightly unkempt mustache that blends effortlessly with a short beard. Set against a vibrant yellow background, his relaxed demeanor and casual wardrobe reflect a personality that’s approachable and fun. This style is great for everyday wear and does not require much maintenance, making it ideal for men with busy lifestyles who still want to keep their styles on point.


The Statement Handlebar

This image captures the dramatic flair of the handlebar mustache, styled to perfection with waxed tips that curl distinctly at the ends. The mustache’s rich, auburn hue contrasts beautifully with the wearer’s deep-set eyes and rugged attire, adding a touch of old-world charm to a modern setting. This style is particularly suitable for those who wish to make a bold statement and are not afraid to spend time crafting their look. It’s a style that commands attention and admiration, perfect for styles in artistic or design-focused environments.


The Bold and the Daring

Lastly, we explore a bold take on the traditional mustache, featuring a thick, prominent style that dominates the upper lip. The mustache is paired with a septum piercing, adding an edgy twist to the classic look. This style is perfect for men with a daring sense of fashion and a strong personality to match. It’s a modern take on the mustache that plays well in urban, trendy settings where making a personal style statement is key.


The Sculptural Handlebar

This photograph captures a man sporting a sculptural handlebar mustache that curls dramatically upwards, evoking the flair of Victorian gentlemen with a modern twist. Paired with a neat, slicked-back hairstyle and classic eyewear, this mustache style makes a sophisticated and artistic statement. It’s particularly suited for those who appreciate the elegance of vintage styles combined with contemporary fashion. This mustache requires meticulous grooming but rewards with a striking and memorable look.


The Curled Classic

Featured here is a mustache that epitomizes the blend of casual and chic, with its ends twirled into fine curls that frame the man’s smile. The wearer’s naturally curly hair and casual sunglasses complement the laid-back yet put-together vibe of the mustache. This style is perfect for men with a taste for the whimsical and the distinctive, suitable for sunny days and outdoor adventures, embodying a sense of freedom and personality.


The Majestic Twirl

This image showcases a man with a meticulously twirled mustache that extends beyond the confines of the mundane, paired with a wild, tousled hairdo. The deep chestnut strands of the mustache blend seamlessly with his beard, creating a look of rugged charm interspersed with dapper finesse. This style is ideal for those who command attention and convey confidence through their choice of bold, sculptural hairstyles with a touch of flair.


The Subtle Statement

Lastly, we have a man whose mustache makes a subtle yet bold statement. Its thick, bushy form is neatly trimmed to enhance the facial features without overwhelming them. This style, paired with a practical and straightforward baseball cap, speaks to a man who values functionality and style. It’s an ideal choice for men with a preference for minimalistic yet strong aesthetic elements in their everyday styles.


The Full-Spectrum Whirl

This image presents a man with a full-bodied beard and a distinctively styled mustache that dramatically sweeps upwards. The rich texture of his beard contrasts with the refined swirls of the mustache, creating a balanced yet bold expression. This style suits men with fuller facial hair, offering a majestic and mature look that combines ruggedness with a touch of elegance. It’s perfect for those who enjoy standing out in a crowd and expressing their personality through their grooming choices.


The Polished Walrus

Here, we see a man with a classic Walrus mustache that lays thickly across his upper lip. This mustache style, known for its substantial and bushy appearance, offers a strong vintage vibe reminiscent of the late 19th century. It’s an excellent choice for men with a minimalist approach to their hair, focusing all attention on the mustache itself. This style demands less styling but a regular trim to keep it neat and functional, ideal for those who appreciate simplicity with a strong character impact.


The Elegant Cyclone

This photograph captures a bald man sporting an exquisitely twirled mustache that spirals into perfect circles at each end. This style not only highlights his facial features but also brings an artistic flair to his overall appearance. It’s particularly fitting for styles for bald men, as it draws the eye upward and balances the face. This mustache is for those who enjoy meticulous grooming and a touch of historical elegance in their daily lives.


The Urban Sophisticate

Finally, we have a man with a neatly groomed mustache that extends into his beard, creating a sleek and sophisticated look. This style is perfect for the urban professional—subtle yet stylish. The mustache is well-defined but not overpowering, ideal for men with a busy lifestyle who need a manageable yet fashionable grooming routine. This style works well in corporate settings or social gatherings, where a well-maintained appearance can make a significant impression.


The Distinguished Gentleman

This image captures a man exuding sophistication and charm with his well-groomed beard and mustache combination. The mustache, styled with an upward twist at the ends, blends seamlessly into the full beard, creating a look of seamless elegance. The neat hair and crisp blue shirt complement the classic style, making it suitable for both professional and social settings. This style is particularly appealing to men with a keen sense of fashion who value a polished and mature appearance.


The Contemporary Sleek

Featured here is a man with a modern interpretation of the traditional mustache, characterized by its precise trim and understated elegance. This mustache style, combined with a well-maintained stubble, creates a rugged yet refined look that is both versatile and low-maintenance. It’s an ideal choice for men with active lifestyles or those who prefer a subtle yet stylish facial hair that complements any outfit, from casual tees to more formal attire.


The Artistic Swirl

This photograph showcases a vibrant young man with a distinctive mustache that dramatically curls at the ends, enhancing his playful and artistic personality. The stark contrast with his short, neat beard and deep blue eyes makes the mustache the focal point of his face, ideal for those who wish to express creativity and flair through their personal grooming styles. This mustache is perfect for individuals in creative fields or those who enjoy being the center of attention at social gatherings.


The Bold Black Beard

Lastly, we have a portrait of a man with a commanding black beard and mustache, projecting strength and confidence. The dense, full beard and subtly styled mustache speak volumes about his bold character and presence. This style is particularly striking for men with darker hair, providing a powerful contrast against lighter skin tones, and is excellent for those who prefer a more masculine and imposing look.


The Lush Wilderness

This portrait showcases a man with a luxuriant beard and mustache that envelop his face in a wild yet inviting manner. His dark, thick hair cascades down in waves, perfectly complementing the untamed nature of his facial hair. This style is ideal for men with a love for the natural, bohemian look, emphasizing a free-spirited lifestyle and a connection to the rugged outdoors. The bushy mustache, particularly full at the center, frames his serious expression, adding to his enigmatic aura.



Each mustache style we’ve explored today offers a different way to express personality and fashion sense. Whether you’re drawn to the classic elegance of the Chevron or the boldness of a full mustache with a beard, there’s a style out there that suits your face and your lifestyle. Experiment with these styles, or use them as a stepping stone to create your own unique look. We encourage you to leave a comment on the site sharing your mustache journey or any questions you might have about styling. Let’s continue the conversation and keep the mustache movement strong and stylish!


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